Equi-Pass online computer training programs offers members a quick and easy way to upgrade your computer skills at a fraction of the cost. The action centre has purchased tickets for our members at $20.00 a ticket.  We did this to assist our members in building their computer skills at their own pace.  Equi-Pass online learning offers 512 programs where you can begin at the basic level and build your skills learning different programs that are in demand by employers today.  You can log on to your online computer program from any computer.  The certificate of completion is an added bonus to the program which you can print once you have completed each course.  This gives members the opportunity to build a great portfolio of computer knowledge to present to alternative employers.  Some of the courses you can take advantage of are;

MS Office
Business Management
Windows Programs
Effective Business Writing
Accounting Courses
Digital Imaging
Presentation Skills
Human Resources


The peers in the action centre are trained to assist members with the online programs as our quest is success and weare here to assist you in reaching your goals. For more information or to purchase a ticket contact Bill Sutton or Connie Snelgrove at the CAW Local 222 Community Action Centre.